Refactor generation and processing of installation records (auto-install, unattended installations)


The generation of auto installation records from within the FinishPanel and replaying them is not consistent from different points of view:

  1. The installation record (auto-install.xml) can be generated just during GUI installations. No support of generating it for console installers.

  2. Adding the generation of auto-install.xml to the FinishConsolePanel is not possible without refactoring the implementation and API in common, because the whole implementation is bound to Swing installer classes (IzPanel).

  3. The created file cannot always be processed especially for createForPack constraints to UserInputPanel. If there are skipped panels due to this constraints and the installer is re-ran in a same environment with the recorded first installation it fails, because the panels with constraints like createForPack are not skipped, but there is expected and validated user input for them.

  4. It should be possible to simulate the installation and create an auto-install.xml without physically installing (skip activating InstallPanel and ProcessPanel). This might be divided to an interactive simulation and the generation of an auto-install record with all possible entries without any interaction.

  5. The installer should flexibly react on missing user inputs from auto-install.xml, not failing but optionally opening a panel asking just for the missing information.

  6. The file dialog on FinishPanel should offer a default file name.




René Krell


René Krell




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