Configurations actions merge decides based on first attribute


When merging 2 XML files with configurations actions it was found that it duplicates elements that were constructed e.g. like this with default action COMPLETE:

Both of these elements would end up being duplicated after running When the order of attributes was switched (so that NAME was first) it produced correct results without the elements being duplicated.

It should work both ways since order of attributes does not matter in XML.




Zdeněk Vaník
August 14, 2017, 1:33 PM

I have changed the comparison to compare every element rather than return true when first one is equal and returns true when no other comparison returns false.
I would like to ask you to test this if you have a chance as I have no chance to check all the available configurations unfortunately and this may or may not potentially break the existing scenarios.

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Zdeněk Vaník


Zdeněk Vaník


Functional - may break existing environments