Logging configuration in the install.xml file does not work as expected during execution of installer


The official documentation of izpack says that we can configure the log settings in the install.xml using the <logging> element. Example:

This works as expected during the compilation time. Using the above example, the compiler extracts the pattern configuration defined in the log-file ("%h/installation%u.log") and include this configuration inside the generated jar file. Example:


However, during the execution of the installer, this configurations seems not to affect at all because none log file is generated as expected (in userHome/installation0.log file).

I checked out the code of the last version of izpack to try understand what is happening and figured out that this configuration seems to be ignored intentionaly.

In the LogUtils.java#137 there is a test that makes the system consider only the properties that ends with ".level" and ignores any property that starts with 'java.util.logging.FileHandler', during the procces of the user settings (that was correctly included in the logging.properties file during the compilation time).

I thought of submit a pull request to remove this test, but i would like to understand what is the purpose of the code to be this way.

I know a could have an similar result adding the parameter "-logfile" in the execution of the installer, but i need to be sure that the log configurations is included in the jar file and that it has affect independently of the execution way.




Andre Luiz Pires Silva


Andre Luiz Pires Silva


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