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The <consolepreferences> element is used to integrate settings that are specific to console-mode.

The consolepreferences element accepts options as sub-elements with the option name as the element name.

OptionValue RangeDescriptionDefault
true | false

If true or unspecified, IzPack use a JLine ConsoleReader for console mode installations. The ConsoleReader performs auto-recognition of the system terminal settings. In dedicated environments this may not work reliably.

true - terminal settings are detected and the output acts according to the recognized terminal size and newline insertion behavior.
false - assume some "hard-wired" terminal settings (if they do not match your terminal, the output presented to the user won't look that nice, even though this is no critical issue for the installer internally) 



Since: 5.0.7

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  1. Is there a condition or a variable I could use to know if the installer is executing in console mode ?

    I'm try to execute a job after installation, but it shouldn't be executed if the installation in done in console mode.

    1. No condition or variable, but for custom implementations of any validator, condition, listener etc. you can check it this way:

      if (Installer.getInstallerMode() == Installer.INSTALLER_GUI) {
        JOptionPane.showMessageDialog(null, getString("MyPanel.warning.msg1.translation"), getString("MyPanel.warning.title1.translation"), JOptionPane.WARNING_MESSAGE);
      } else {

      You may also use the constant Installer.INSTALLER_AUTO to check for a running unattended mode.

      This way you can implement your own condition using such an implementation in install.xml:

      <condition type="com.mysoft.izpack.conditions.IsAdminCondition" id="IsAdmin" />