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There can be added the <consolepreferences> tag to compile in The <consolepreferences> element is used to integrate settings that are specific to console-mode specific settings:.

The consolepreferences accept nested  element accepts options as sub-elements with the option name as its the element name:.

OptionValue RangeDescriptionDefault
true | false

Whether to If true or unspecified, IzPack use a JLine ConsoleReader for console mode installations, which acts as . The ConsoleReader performs auto-recognition tool of the system terminal settings. In dedicated environments this may not work reliably.

true - terminal settings are detected and the output acts according to the recognized terminal size and newline insertion behavior.
false - assume some "hard-wired" terminal settings (if they do not match your terminal, the output presented to the user won't look that nice, even though this is no critical issue for the installer internally)