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classnameThe class name of the panel. The class name is case-sensitive. The compiler will throw an IllegalArgumentException if the class can not be found.. Yes
idA unique identifier for a panel which can be used to reference this panel in userinput panel definitions.No
conditionThe id of a condition that has to evaluate to true in order for this panel to appear. If this attribute is not specified. the panel is always shown.No
jarThe jar file where the classes for this panel can be found. If this attribute is empty or unspecified, the classes for this panel must be merged using the <jar> tag.No

Determines whether confirmation is required when quitting the installer from this panel and panels defined before this panel. 

Set to "true" to allow the installer to be closed using the "Quit" or "Done" button without confirmation on this panel, but require confirmation on previous panels without this attribute. 

Set to "false" to prompt for confirmation when Quit or Done is pressed on this and previous panels without this attribute. 

If there is no "allowClose" attribute IzPack will exhibit its classic behavior, which is to prompt for confirmation until the files are copied unless the Previous and Next buttons are both disabled.

For example, to force confirmation when quitting from all but the last panel, specify allowClose="true" on the last and only the last panel, as seen in the following example.

Code Block
  <panel classname="HTMLHelloPanel"/>
  <panel classname="HTMLInfoPanel"/>
  <panel classname="HTMLLicencePanel"/>
  <panel classname="TargetPanel"/>
  <panel classname="PacksPanel"/>
  <panel classname="InstallPanel"/>
  <panel classname="ShortcutPanel"/>
  <panel classname="SimpleFinishPanel" allowClose="true"/>

Default: unspecified

Since: IzPack 5.0 RC5


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