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(not set)name given to the step the jobyes
(not set)ID of the IzPack condition ID for running that must evaluate to true to run the jobno
catchfalseJob runs only in the event of other jobs failingno
finalfalseJob runs always, whether previous jobs succeed or notno


string(not set)Name of the file to executeyes
string(not set)Working directory of the process spawned by the ProcessBuilder objectno
onErrorask | failask

Controls the behaviour when if the file exits with a non-zero exit code.

ask: Prompt the user whether or not to continue.

fail: Do not allow continuationthe installation to continue.

Since: IzPack 5.1


In addition to <arg> elements, the <executefile> element also accepts <env> elements to set variables in the environment of the target process. This can be useful if this process requires some environment variables, such as its installation directory, to work properly. An <env> element has the following syntax: <env>variable=value</env>. Note the element supports variable substitution, for example: <env>MY_PRODUCT_HOME=$INSTALL_PATH</env>.