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Attribute nameDescriptionAllowed valuesDefault


Pattern for generating the output file name.
See the FileHandler API for details on how a pattern can be designed.
IzPack variables are resolved.
The parent directory of the log file must exist, otherwise the installer will fail.
The log file will be created automatically if it doesn't exist at the time the first log entry should be written.


According to the FileHandler API the percent '%' sign is used as an escape character for different special components that will be replaced at runtime. If you want to user a percent sign as static part of the path name use a double percent sign ("%%") to get it to that place in the name.

Valid path to log file name.
The file name is normalized as much as possible. 
levelSpecifies the logging level.
In general there are logged just messages with the same or higher priority than the level specified.
The level SEVERE has the highest priority, FINEST the lowest one. 


filterSpecifies the name of a Filter class to use (defaults to no Filter).Fully qualified Java class name.(no filter)
encodingThe name of the character set encoding to use.Valid Java character set name.
Example: like UTF-8
(platform encoding)
limitSpecifies an approximate maximum amount to write (in bytes) to any one file.
If this is zero, then there is no limit.
Integer value >= 0(no limit)
countSpecifies how many output files to cycle through.
This allows you to maintain a limited number of log file archives with a maximum size specified by the limit attribute (rolling log files). 
Integer value >= 11
appendSpecifies whether the FileHandler should append onto any existing files.true | falsefalse

Specifies whether the installer should recursively create the parent directory of the log file speciified by the pattern attribute.


This attribute is not part of the FileHandler API and is hidden to the FileHandler configuration. IzPack handles it before the according FileHandler-based Java Logger gets activated.

true | falsefalse