Compiling Using a Script On The Command Line

When installing the IzPack distribution to  a local system there can be used scripts provided by the project to compile an installer description on the command line.

Example on UNIX
$ cd /home/rkrell/src/myapp_installer/
$ bin/compile install.xml -b . -o myapp_install.jar -k standard
#(compiler console output)
Command line parameterDescriptionDefaultPossible values / range of the argument following the parameter

Base directory

current working directory

A valid directory according to your local OS.

Do not forget quotations if there are blanks in the path.


Optional compression format for single files defined in <packs>. All files in all packs except those explicitly marked as <pack200/> are automatically added compressed in the given format and uncompressed later when the installer starts. This may significantly decrease the installer size, but take some more time to compile the installer and install the files later.

See also Compressing pack files for more information on this feature.

Since: IzPack 5.1 (has been broken in 5.0)

default | gz | bzip2 | xz | lzma | deflate
-hIzPack distribution installation home directory

This will be needed if the compiler is not called in the root directory of IzPack.

current working directory

A valid directory containing the Izpack distribution.

Do not forget quotations if there are blanks in the path.


The compression level of the resulting installer jar file.
This attribute has nothing in common with the compression attribute declared above, which defines compression for single files added in packs, but defines just the compression level of the whole installer jar file itself.

9 A valid integer: -1, 0..9
-kType of installer (kind)standardstandard (default) | web
-oDedicated path of the resulting installer jar file-A valid file name for the resulting jar file,

Indicates whether XML descriptors should be validated during compilation.

true (default) | false
-?Does nothing but displaying a help text with the possible command line options.-