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  1. Always create a JIRA issue in case of bug, improvement or new feature. You can follow progress of your issue there.
  2. In case you located a necessary change in the code, don't send bigger patches, try to fork the master repository at Github and create a pull request instead.
    If you can't send a pull request for some reason and you have a patch, then attach it to the JIRA issue.
    Make sure you send a real diff-generated patch, not whole files or ZIPs with the modified files... (Several programs will generate this, for example: IntelliJ, Eclipse, Netbeans, TortoiseSVN,...)
    Anyway, sending pull requests most probably decreases the waiting time for your change to be merged, because it costs us less effort to handle it! 
  3. Do not hesitate to attach screenshots and stack traces.
  4. In case of a new feature proposal make sure to attach documentation to an according JIRA issue.
  5. Subscribe to the developer mailing list if you want to follow IzPack development conversations.
    Avoid sending patches or copying code parts with patches to the mailing lists - this blows up discussion threads and probably nobody will be able to handle this, thus, it will be probably ignored. If you have particular suggestions, send it as pull request for an easy reviewed by everyone.
  6. Respect code format styles! Otherwise we have a hard time trying to merge your code.