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Allows the user to select the packs he wants to install. This panel also allows grouping of packs. Look at InstallationGroupPanel description  description to get more details.

This is the same as for the PacksPanel, but a different picture can shown to the user for each pack. The pictures are specified using the packImgId attribute for each pack in the installer XML. The initial image will be the image of the first pack that has a packImgId. The image is updated each time the user (de)selects a pack that has a packImgId. Of course it's up to you to specify an image for each pack in your installation with a unique packImgId. For instance if you have 2 packs core and documentation (in this order), and you assign both packs a packImgId that is identical to the pack's name then the resource for core will be coreand the resource for documentation will be documentation. The initially shown image will be the resource core. The supported image formats depend on what your client's JVM supports, but starting from J2SE 1.3, GIFJPEG and PNG are supported.