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We use the opensource platform Github ( for the active development, because it offers the possibility code of pull requests for reviewing/staging contributions before merging them without using patch files. Intermediate and final states are more or less frequently pushed back to the Codehaus GIT repository.

You should be familar with Git to send contributions as pull request.


Here is a HOWTO to start from scratch:

  • Register on Jira/Xircles ( up to our IzPack Atlassian Cloud hosted at
  • Register on Github (
  • Fork the izpack/izpack repository on the Github website
  • Make a local copy of your fork
  • For each bug, improvement or feature
    • Create a Jira issue for the IZPACK project.
      Use your Xircles Atlassian account to log in to JIRA.
      This issue is the central place for discussing and mainly designing the contribution.
    • Create a Git branch in your local copy with the name of the issue, for example IZPACK-123
    • Check out the new Git branch
    • Make just the changes for the according issue in this branch, nothing else, to have a clean changelog.
    • Test your changes locally.
    • Make sure the existing tests pass

      Code Block
      mvn test
      mvn -Pwith-gui-tests test

    • Send the changes in the branch as pull request.
      On accepting the request your changes merged into the izpack/izpack master repository and the branch itself is automatically deleted on Github. You can delete it also in your local copy if you want.
    • If the pull request is not accepted, but there are just some more changes requested, you can further edit the code in the same checked out branch and refresh the same pull request on Github.

See also:

[2] httphttps://xirclesgithub.codehaus.orgcom/projectsizpack/izpack

Use Cases

A basic tutorial how to handle repositories on Github can be found here: