IzPack 5.0.0 RC1 available

The IzPack team is proud to announce the 1st release candidate of IzPack 5.0.0.

Although it is considered quite stable according to the user reports and many automatic unit and integration tests, IzPack 5 still serves the purpose of testing and reporting.

Special thanks to all active developers, contributors and users who helped making this version another milestone towards launching the Maven-based IzPack 5.

The new version has been also deployed to the Codehaus Maven repository and should be mirrored soon to all connected repositories.
Feel free to test and report bugs, either to the mailinglist user@izpack.codehaus.org or if you can describe some technical background file an issue at https://jira.codehaus.org/browse/IZPACK.

For a list of what has been changed since 5.0.0-beta11, see IzPack 5.0.0 RC1 changelog in JIRA.
For a the complete release notes of implemented features, improvements, bugfixes and common tasks in IzPack 5.0.0 see Release Notes - IzPack - Version 5.0.
Although there has been done much work since 5.0.0-beta11, there are still some open issues, and probably there will come some more.

There might be more changes visible in the source code repository, for a complete log of particular changes (experts only) see log on GitHub, where the active development happens.

Apologizes to the fans of IzPack 4 - we know you are out there, but it hasn't been worth to make a new release due to the very few contributions made in this version.

Enjoy this new version 5.0.0 RC1 and keep in touch.