Installer Requirements

Installer Requirements - <installerrequirements>

The <installerrequirements>  element is used to ensure prerequisites for the installation. The installation is stopped with the message of the first requirement with a failing or undefined condition. In contrast to Dynamic Installer Requirements the requirements are checked only once at start of the installer.

Common Example
  <installerrequirement condition="izpack.linuxinstall"
                        message="This installer runs on linux only!" />
  <installerrequirement condition="isUpgrade"
                        message="" />

The <installerrequirements> are checked after computation of dynamic variables and conditions but before executing the first panel. So you can refer not only to built-in conditions but also to custom conditions, which may depend on external files for example. But you cannot depend on the result of a panel (e.g. Target Panel).

<installerrequirement> - Attributes

A valid condition ID defined within the <conditions/> element.noneyes
A valid message ID from the appropriate translation file. If it can't be found the mentioned ID itself is displayed instead of the translated text.noneyes

Please note that the definition of a <installerrequirement> here is different from the identical named child of <dynamicinstallerrequirements>.

See also

  • <info> may contain several requirements:
    • <expiresdate> - Installer Expiration after a certain date
    • <javaversion> - Minimum Java version for running installer
    • <requiresjdk> – A JDK is needed for installation and application
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