Debugging uninstallers generated by IzPack

If the execution of an Uninstaller.jar generated by an IzPack installer fails, there is not so much information except an return code logged to the console.

To get the reason for an uninstallation problem try this:

  • Extract the Uninstaller.jar into a temporary location, for example $HOME/yourtemp/.
  • Run the following command after extracting the jar (example):
    java -classpath $HOME/yourtemp -Dself.mod.base=$HOME/yourtemp -Dself.mod.jar=/some/other/path/Uninstall.jar -Dself.mod.class=com.izforge.izpack.uninstaller.Uninstaller -Dself.mod.method=consoleUninstall -Dself.mod.phase=3 com.izforge.izpack.util.SelfModifier -DSTACKTRACE=true -c –f

This should give you more detailed information about what happened.