Getting Debug Information from Running IzPack Installers


By setting the java property DEBUG to true

java -DDEBUG=true -jar installer.jar

you get detailed log messages about

  • conditions
  • dynamic variables
  • unpacking (or skipping) of files
  • ...


The property STACKTRACE

java -DSTACKTRACE=true -jar installer.jar

does provide the stacktrace of an exception and their causes instead of a simple "something has gone wrong" messages.

(Some failure situations like "no space left on the target device" should be handled better in future)


The property TRACE

java -DTRACE=true -jar installer.jar

does add a debug-frame on the right side of the installer window, where you can watch conditions and variables. Variables can also be changed.

When the installer description contains a modifier showDebugWindow=true

    <modifier key="showDebugWindow" value="true"/>

the debug-frame is shown in a separate window.