Cleaning up unwanted files after updates

<updatecheck> - Cleaning Up After Updates

This feature can update an installed package to remove superfluous files after an installation.

Each pack can now specify an <updatecheck> tag that indicates which files are to be retained or deleted.

Includes and excludes can be defined as filesets, but no file name mappers can be used.

$INSTALL_PATH is treated as the base path for include/exclude patterns with relative paths.


<updatecheck> Example
  <include name="lib/**" />
  <exclude name="config/local/**" />

This causes files in $INSTALL_PATH/lib to be deleted and files in the $INSTALL_PATH/config sub-folder to be retained.

If no include or exclude pattern is given all files which were not part of the setup are deleted in $INSTALL_PATH

Be careful with this facility to not delete 3rd-party files coming from other installations, for instance plugins to a base application.


<updatecheck> Example

This causes all files in $INSTALL_PATH  that were not installed in the current installation to be deleted.