Setting Default Installation Directories

You can set a list of default installation directories depending on the target installation platform.

When the compiled installer is executed, IzPack chooses the default that matches the platform.

The prefix: TargetPanel.dir is used to specify variables related to setting the default installation directory.

IzPack recognizes this as a built-in variable which can be user-modified.

For example, change the resources to variables:

Default path definition in IzPack 4.x
  <res id="" src="@{}/"/>
  <res id="TargetPanel.dir.unix" src="@{}/installpath.unix.txt"/>


Default path definition in IzPack 5.x
  <variable name="" value="C:/MyApp"/>
  <variable name="TargetPanel.dir.unix" value="/usr/local/myapp"/>

This uses the following variable search order to determine the default directory to display:

  1. TargetPanel.dir.<platform symbolic name> e.g. TargetPanel.dir.windows_7
  2. TargetPanel.dir.<platform name> e.g.
  3. TargetPanel.dir.<parent platform> e.g. given platform "FEDORA_LINUX" looks for TargetPanel.dir.linux, followed by TargetPanel.dir.unix
  4. TargetPanel.dir
  6. SYSTEM_user_dir corresponds to the system property "user.dir"

Available platforms can be found in the class Platforms. The names are the lowercase versions of those defined.
Allowed names include:

  • aix
  • debian_linux
  • fedora_linux
  • freebsd
  • hp_ux
  • linux
  • mac
  • mac_osx
  • mandrake_linux
  • mandriva_linux
  • os_2
  • red_hat_linux
  • sunos
  • sunos_x86
  • sunos_sparc
  • suse_linux
  • unix
  • ubuntu_linux
  • windows
  • windows_7
  • windows_8
  • windows_xp
  • windows_2003
  • windows_vista

The DEFAULT_INSTALL_PATH variable is initialised to <PARENT_DIRECTORY>/$APP_NAME where <PARENT_DIRECTORY> is determined by:

OSParent Directory
WindowsProgramFiles environment variable
Mac OSX/Applications
Others/usr/local/ if writeable, or System.getProperty("user.home") if not

Changes from 4.3.6

The range of values the variable can have has been significantly enhanced, as per IZPACK-829.

Changes from earlier versions

Prior to 4.3.6, resources were used rather than variables. Resources were searched for with the following names

  • "TargetPanel.dir." + lower case version of System.getProperty(""), with any spaces replace with underscores
  • "TargetPanel.dir." + <platform> where platform is one of ("windows", "mac", "unix")
  • "TargetPanel.dir"

IZPACK-798 changed the above to use variables instead of text files, following the same naming convention.