Translating the Installer Title

It is possible to use an alternatively frame title. Normally the title has the aspect "IzPack - Installation of " + '$APP_NAME' (or the according default translation). If the langpack key 'installer.reversetitle' is defined, the value of that key will be used instead of the key 'installer.title'. There is no string added, but it is possible to use IzPack variables. The third heading example contains such a alternatively frame title. It is only possible to use predefined variables like '$APP_NAME' because the title will be created before the frame will be shown. It is common to use the name of the installation toolkit in the frame title.


Add in '<ISO3>.xml' or 'CustomLangpack.xml_<ISO3>' :

Example of a customized installer title
   <str id="installer.reversetitle" txt="$APP_NAME $APP_VER - My Company"/>

Add a reference to the custom lang pack in install.xml resources

    <res id="CustomLangPack.xml_eng" src="i18n/customLangPack.xml_eng" />