Overriding Built-in Translations


IzPack supports many languages out of the box.

If a country or language is not supported, the following instructions can be used to add a new one.


In IzPack, language packs are identified by a 3 character ISO country or language code. Country codes are converted to lowercase.

Country codes are used in preference to language codes. This is to handle the case where a language variation is spoken for which there is no ISO language code.

E.g. Portuguese and Brazilian Portuguese - these must be specified using "prt" and "bra" respectively.

Each language pack must have a corresponding resource file located at:

com/izforge/izpack/bin/langpacks/installer/<ISO code>.xml

There must also be a flag resource located at:

com/izforge/izpack/bin/langpacks/flags/<ISO code>.gif


E..g The English language pack is used for all English speaking countries, and uses the eng ISO language code..

It has the following resources:



Adding a language pack

To add a country specific variant of the English language pack, e,g. for Australia

  1. Create the langpack resource in:
    This can be derived from the English language pack here:
  2. Create a flag resource in:
  3. Create a jar (call it myjar) containing these resources
  4. The izpack-maven-plugin needs to reference the jar in order for it to locate the resources