Migration to IzPack 5

There are minor changes needed to migrate your panels and listener to IzPack 5.

Panel migration

  • Panels are now instantiated by PicoContainer Singletons so there is no fixed constructor anymore. You can have any installation component injected in your panel simply by adding it as a constructor parameter. One direct usage is the suppression of singleton components (like ResourceManager) which are now simply injected.
  • Separate your panels in different packages. When merged, all classes in the same package of the panel are added to the installer.
  • InstallData has been renamed to GUIInstallData

Installer migration

There are several changes in the IzPack schema for the install descriptor. An xsd file will be created to ease the install descriptor migration.

  • Changes in the listener syntax
    • Available attributes are not installer, compiler and uninstall anymore
    • Now, you specify the classname and the stage of the listener
  • native libraries are now specified in a natives element, e.g.:

      <native type="izpack" name="ShellLink.dll"/>
      <native type="izpack" name="ShellLink_x64.dll"/>