Aggregate Conditions

Aggregate Condition Types

There are several aggregate conditions, which logically combine or alter one ore more conditions:

Nesting Aggregate Conditions

For convenience, it is possible to define nested aggregate conditions.


Example of nested aggregate conditions
	<condition type="exists" id="Update">
    <condition type="not" id="Install">
        <condition type="ref" refid="Update" />
    <condition type="and" id="linuxInstallOrUpdate">
      <condition type="ref" refid="izpack.linuxinstall" />
      <condition type="or" id="installOrUpdate">
        <condition type="ref" refid="Install" />
        <condition type="ref" refid="Update" />

Instead of defining a Aggregate Condition and using it in a condition attribute, you can also use a term in a sinple or complex expression language in the attribute. See Conditions for details.