This panel allows the user to select a JDK path. The system environment variable JAVA_HOME does not point to a JDK, else to a JRE also the environment variable points to a JDK. This is not a bug, this is the behavior of the VM. But some products needs a JDK, for that this panel can be used. There is not only a selection of the path else a validation. The validation will be done with the file JDKPath/lib/tools.jar. If JAVA_HOME points to the VM which is placed in the JDK, the directory will be used as default (JAVA_HOME/..). If there is the variable


defined with the value "yes", the panel will be skipped if the path is valid. Additional it is possible to make a version control. If one or both variables


are defined, only a JDK will be accepted which has a version in the range of it. The detection is a little bit pragmatically, therefore it is possible, that the detection can fail at some VMs. The values in the install.xml should be like

  <variable name="JDKPathPanel.minVersion" value="1.4.1" />
  <variable name="JDKPathPanel.maxVersion" value="1.4.99" />
  <variable name="JDKPathPanel.skipIfValid" value="yes" />

If all is valid, after leaving and validating the JDKPathPanel the variable


is set to the resulting path.

Be aware, this variable exist not until the JDKPanel has been activated and left at least one time. At a secound activation, the default will be the last selection.


Variable NameDescriptionDefault
JDKPathPanel.skipIfValidSet "true" in case the panel should be skipped if JAVA_HOME points already to a valid JDK path.false


JDKPathPanel.maxVersion -